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These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to shipment of all goods, products and additional services, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

The price of the goods and products is established according to the price list valid on the day of shipment. When selling through a Purchase Contract, only the prices according to the price list valid on the day of signing the contract are applicable, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The Purchase Contract, issued by Namještaj Mima d.o.o. (hereinafter: the Seller), shall specify all expenses.

The prices are considered as FCO warehouse of the Seller (import goods received customs clearance) and do not include additional packing costs nor transport costs from the storage of the Seller to the buyer.

Value added tax is calculated in accordance with the law.


Quotes are established by these Selling Terms. Different selling terms are not acceptable, unless otherwise provided by the Seller in writing.

A quote does not oblige the buyer to buy nor the Seller to sell. The Seller is not obliged to reserve certain items based on the quote, unless a deadline for accepting the quote, i.e. for paying an advance, was set. The validity of the quote is specified in every quote. If not, the quote shall be valid for no longer than 8 days from the day of it being given.

All technical indications of the product are not obligatory, due to technical changes being considered normal. If the order of the buyer contains some conditions which differ from the General Terms and Conditions, the Seller shall give a written quote with Selling Terms and that quote shall be considered valid.


The order of the buyer is considered accepted when the Seller confirms in writing the order of the buyer containing the product code, the amount, prices, costs and shipping deadlines and when the buyer pays an advance, in accordance with the Purchasing Contract. The buyer shall deliver its disagreement with the quote confirmation in writing no later than within two days, otherwise the Seller considers that the buyer accepted the quote and may start realizing the order.

Canceling the order may be done by the buyer, on the basis of a written request, but only with the consent of the Seller, if the goods are not already delivered to the buyer. The Seller retains the right to charge the actual costs generated due to the buyer canceling the order. Special custom-made productions which are not kept regularly in stock by the Seller may not be canceled (e.g. custom-made kitchens, closets and other products outside the standard production). The buyer shall cancel the order in writing and the Seller shall accept it in writing. The Seller shall accept the change in the order without detriment to the buyer when possible and when such a change does not place the Seller in an unfavorable position.


The Seller shall deliver all goods in their original packaging of the manufacturer, i.e. in their standard packaging. Special packaging due to a challenging transport or at the request of the buyer shall be additionally charged if the special packaging creates additional costs to the Seller.


The prices of the Seller are considered as FCO warehouse of the Seller. The Seller has warehouses in:

  • Karlovac, Antuna Mihanovića 9
  • Kaštel Štafilić, Ivana Pavla II 349
  • Koprivnica, Radnička cesta 10 (u sklopu trgovačkog centra Pevec)
  • Mali Lošinj, Dražica 18 a (u sklopu salona Namještaj Mima)
  • Poreč, Radna zona Kukci bb (u sklopu salona Namještaj Mima)
  • Pula, Valica bb
  • Rijeka (Kastav), Žegoti 5 d
  • Šibenik, Žaborička bb
  • Umag, Ungarija bb (u sklopu salona Namještaj Mima)
  • Zadar, Jadranska cesta 78.

The goods shall be shipped to the buyer from the nearest warehouse and the transport from that warehouse to the destination determined by the buyer shall be charged to the buyer. If the goods are purchased at the store, then they are shipped from the store of the Seller.


The risk regarding the purchased product after it exits the warehouse of the Seller is assumed by the buyer.
In the case of the delivery of goods to the buyer by an external carrier, possible damages or losses are reported by the buyer to the carrier in question. The Seller shall not be held responsible for a failure to ship the goods by reason of force majeure.


The Seller transfers original warranty terms of the manufacturer to the buyer. For all the goods without a manufacturer's warranty, the Seller shall give a one-year warranty. The Seller shall ensure spare parts for sold products for the duration of the product's service life.


If the buyer does not collect the goods within 15 days from the recorded verbal (personal or via telephone) or written notice of the arrival of goods, the Seller retains the right to charge a demurrage fee to the buyer at the rate of 5% a month. The Seller shall not be liable for goods that are not collected.


Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the following payment terms shall apply:
a) for cash payments, the buyer achieves a 10% discount on the valid price list (a cash discount is not given on previously discounted products)
b) for all other payments, the prices from the price list are valid without a discount, with the exception of special offers from credit institutions/banks or Namještaj Mima, which will be agreed upon in writing and clearly displayed.

Payment shall be made before the goods are shipped. 30% of the agreed upon amount is paid immediately when ordering, i.e. when concluding the contract for initiating an order, and the remainder is paid when the goods arrive to the warehouse of the Seller, but before shipping.

In the case of a delay, the Seller shall charge statutory default interest to the buyer and interrupt further shipment of goods until the buyer settles his/her debts. For shipments exceeding 30 days, the Seller shall charge interests to the paid amount starting on the 30th day since the order was placed until the shipping, unless otherwise agreed upon, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

The payment terms for goods and products sold through the Contract are established in the concluded Purchase Contract.

Payment options for goods and products can be found here.


According to the article 10. of the customer protection law, NN 41/2014 we highlight that our customers can send praises and complaints as text and deliver them in different ways:

  • By direct submission in a store owned by Namještaja Mime d.o.o.
  • By mail to the address:
    Namještaj Mima d.o.o.
    Valica 3
    52100 Pula
  • Via e-mail to the address:
  • Via telefaxa on number: (052) 385 720.

Written complaints must contain:

  • Name, surname and address of the customer
  • Date when the complaint was filed
  • Description - complaint data with detailed information
  • Photocopy of the receipt as proof of purchase.

The customer is obliged to textually inform the retailer of visible deficiencies in 8 or less days. Hidden deficiencies, ie deficiencies which could not be detected upon regular inspection while obtaining the product, the date is listed in the guarantee terms. The customer is obliged to keep the waranty card for the duration of the waranty period.

We will respond to a written complaint in the period of 15 days upon receiving it. All complaints filed on one of the ways listed above are written into a "Complaint book" in the center of a store.

In case of any deficiencies or damage, you can send us pictures of them via our e-mail: to help us determine the deficiency as quick as possible and undertake steps to remove it. The buyer must deliver the returned product in its original package, without damage, and a receipt.

For custom products or products which aren't available in a store at the time of return it is not possible to make a product swap or return.

In case of buying a product on sale we will accept your complaint on the product. The complaint will not be accepted only if the buyer is warned about deficiencies before buying (defective goods).

In case of any inqueries or misunderstandings, you can contact us.



Namještaj Mima d.o.o. shall provide protection of personal data of buyers in such a way that it collects only the basic data on buyers/users, necessary for fulfilling obligations. Additionally, Namještaj Mima informs the buyers about the method of using the collected data, regularly provides buyers with the ability to choose whether their data will be used, including whether they want their name to be removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data are securely stored and available only to the employees who need the data for performing their duties. All Namještaj Mima d.o.o. employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.


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